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John Scalzi gets it.

"ALL women have been menaced by men"

really read that

really think about it, before sputtering “uhh not all men are bad”

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Meerkats make the best photographer’s assistants EVER.

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Ray Donovan returns

I don’t wanna have to wait that long. Not fair. Also, I wish Avi and Lena would get more screen time.


Ray Donovan returns

I don’t wanna have to wait that long. Not fair.

Also, I wish Avi and Lena would get more screen time.

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Considering a bunch of anonymous feedback I received today, I’ve come to realise very much that what I perceived as the expectations of my game were indeed correct.

I keep saying, in a few places, that you’re not supposed to expect Metroid from this game. It’s completely understandable to do so, however, given its fundamental presentation clearly being based in it! There were some repeated things like “there should be more items, pickups and trinkets” and “you should add more non-linear elements”, both of which I set out to not do from the start, and won’t really submit to now. But the surprise at the game’s nature to stop and make you think for quite a bunch of execution-based puzzles seems like another big complaint.

I’m not going to write that off, because if they’re not fun, or hinder the game, or feel like obstacles to “the fun parts”, that’s a big worry. But some of it also seems to stem from expectation, with some comments outright being “this isn’t what should be in a Metroidvania”, which actually kind of bothers me. I’m just making a game, not a template. So this video is to, hopefully, publically set the tone of the game’s general design, so I feel I’ve told you guys better what it is. I will still tone it down, and change some parts to perhaps not be mandatory, but mainly I just want to be honest. I don’t want to feel I tricked people into expecting a Super Metroid homage, because it isn’t.

It’s linear, and it expects you to use a limited numbers of dynamic mechanics to progress forward through 2D space, quite often not “killing” anything. It’s meant to challenge. I just hope it ends up a fun challenge. <3

Konjak, I just want you to make the game you want to make.

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My Funny Pictures #NewPost [15]


My Funny Pictures #NewPost [15]

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Go Sweden!

I don&#8217;t eat cookies so I think I&#8217;ll stay in Sweden.


Go Sweden!

I don’t eat cookies so I think I’ll stay in Sweden.

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If you did not cry in this episode, you have probably been turned into a cybermen 👿

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►Shane McCutcheon | “I don’t feel like I have anything left to give…” 

• [HD; 720p] & headphones full on for the best experience ;)
Months of absence….but I finally had some free time these last two days and I managed to do this small edit. I had been wanting to do a video with this song since I first heard it, and who better to vid this song to other than the one and only Shane! 

The love I have for this character is pretty much undeniable!

Hope y’all Shane lovers out there enjoy this!

•TUMBLR: http://feelingisasolitaryemotion.tumb…

That’s definitely one of the best TLW videos I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been in that fandom since 2004. Shiiiiit.

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